New Client Form

Please fill out the new client form below prior to your appointment.

New Client Form

Thank you for choosing LaPaw Animal Hospital! Please fill out the following form to the best of your ability before your scheduled appointment.

Fees: LaPaw Animal Hospital is a payment-at-time-of-service facility. We accept cash, checks, VISA, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover, and CareCredit. Please discuss any financial issues prior to any treatment or service. Thank you.


Oregon Trade Regulation 646.639. Section N

By accepting services at LaPaw Animal Hospital, the client agrees to pay all collection costs, interest, attorney fees, and any other charges arising out of this account should LaPaw Animal Hospital, pc, place any outstanding indebtedness that has been due for 90 days or more, or refusal to pay for previously agreed upon services, with a collection agency, the amount will be doubled to cover the collection costs. 

Please also be aware that LaPaw Animal Hospital sees clients on an appointment basis. If appointments are missed 3 times, then you'll be charged for an appointment. Missed appointments not only affect LaPaw Animal Hospital but also affect other clients too. Thank you for understanding. 

Unless otherwise noted, we will always copy/fax/mail a copy of your pet's records to any requested veterinarian, insurance company, or others with a valid request. A copy fee will apply to all charts over 20 pages long. 

Initial here if you DO NOT want us to use photos of your pet.